patio season

One of the biggest joys I’ve found in owning my own home is the patio I have out front where I am able to enjoy coffee, quiet time, reading, writing, or just simply being outside. Last summer I didn’t have everything set up quite the way I wanted to outside so when the weather turned nicer l I was determined to make my outdoor space exactly how I wanted it this year…

Outdoor lights are one of the simplest ways to change a space and add an element of softness. Now that the sun doesn’t set until around 9pm, evenings when I am at home I love to sit outside with my patio lights plugged in and enjoy the last few moments of the sun. They also provide plenty of light to be able to read after dark. I bought my lights at Lowe’s this year when they were having a sale but you can find patio lights in lots of different places ๐Ÿ™‚ I strung them up on all three walls of my patio and used tiny outdoor clear command hooks to keep them in place.

My mom helped me score the perfect outdoor rug from Hobby Lobby. The blue and white diamond patterned rug is all purpose and has the woven material that makes it durable for weather and can hold up to rain. I let her know I was on the lookout for a rug and she saw this on one of her shopping trips for 20 dollars (I know!!!!) and called to ask me if I wanted it.

My bistro table, outdoor footrest/pouf, chairs, and pillow/cushions were all bought at Target a couple of summers ago. The gray plastic adirondack chairs are a very affordable alternative to the “real” version and are nearly as comfortable for a fraction of the price. The coral and navy cushions and pillows all worked well together when I was picking out at the store and they are really complementary with the gray. I bought the pouf at the same time because the pattern added some interest and also matched the color scheme just right. I like being able to have something to put my feet on while resting or reading!

The bistro table I didn’t buy until this past fall once all of the patio furniture had gone about 90% off because I wanted to save some money! When I found one I loved for less than 20 dollars I was glad I decided to wait like I did ๐Ÿ™‚ The beautiful white daisies were a gift from my Kelly Services co-workers on my last day of work last week and the cute little garden gnome as well. I tend not to have a positive track record with plants/flowers and keeping them alive but I am determined!!!!

I hope all of you have been enjoying time outside in your outdoor spaces during our late spring weather. Summer is just around the corner and I think we are all more than ready. Thanks so much for reading!


xoxo Jen


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