get inspired in 2017 

Everyone: I am so sorry that I have been on such a long hiatus….yikes!! The holidays and a family vacation snuck up on me and now it’s almost the end of January!!! I promise it won’t happen again 🙂

As I mentioned, I just returned from a relaxing tropical family vacation last week and one of the highlights of the trip for me was how much reading I was able to do! I read 2 books but was also able to read a handful of design and style  magazines!!

I have a few magazines that I subscribe to but Santa ( Thanks Mom 😀 ) gave me a few new finds in my stocking this year that I was excited to leaf through.

Something that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone is that my go-to magazine is HGTV. Each month when it arrives in my mailbox I practically run inside and land on my couch with my post-it flags to start diving in.

Many months just looking at the cover is enough to get me inspired! Some of the best things about this magazine are their front door ideas, amazing paint color ideas, and the ULTIMATE house tours 🙂  I highly recommend picking up a copy one time just to see how you like it…I know you’ll fall in love.

This next magazine was brand new to me and it will now become a other one of my regulars! “I did it!” is just as it sounds: an entire showcase of diy projects and step to step guides on how to complete them all the way down to a materials list and lots of photos!

I hope that you’ll grab these magazines or another one of your choosing to get inspired and have fun dreaming and imagining what some of your spaces could look like and then TACKLING it!!! And telling me about it when you’re done!!

I have quite a few flagged pages in these two magazines so be ready for a recap post on some new projects SOON! Let’s make it a great week!


xoxo Jen

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