kittsona fall wish list

Hi, everyone! Those of you who follow along with me on Instagram (@sugarspiceandstylethatsnice) saw an announcement on my stories last week that I haven’t had the chance to share in a post yet so here is some exciting news πŸ™‚

Kittsona, a fantastic women’s clothing, lifestyle, and home decor boutique that started right here in my hometown of Grand Forks, North Dakota has absolutely EXPLODED since they opened a few years ago. They now have multiple North Dakota locations as well as stores in Minnesota, Colorado, Texas, and South Carolina. Their online presence and website are also very strong and that means you can shop them from wherever you are in the United States!! Since I love to shop local and “shop small” with small businesses in my community, Kittsona is a place I have always loved to buy from.

Recently they announced on their social media accounts that they were looking for applicants for an influencer program to help them promote their brand and share their product with more and more people. I sent in an application and am happy to share that I have been selected to partner with them for the next 6 months as an official Kittsona Brand Babe!! I am really looking forward to this project and to working with the brand as well as the other babes who are on the project with me. As a part of the project there are some exciting perks that I get to share with all of you who follow along with me and I’m excited for you to discover Kittsona (if you haven’t already!).

At the beginning of August they launched their huge and totally amazing fall collection. All of the pieces they have been sharing so far are so incredible and I can’t wait to score a few more soon to add to my fall wardrobe. I created a lookbook/wishlist of some of the top items from Kittsona’s website that I am crushing on and I want to share them with you too! All of the items help to speak to the trends that are coming up for this fall and hopefully all of you will fall in love with the items as much as I have!

I will break the items up by category so that it’s easier to take a peek if you’re interested. All of the items I am sharing can be found on the Kittsona website so follow the link HERE to go shop!! Almost all of the items I posted can be found under the “new arrivals” tab of the website – – I will post my discount code information that all of you are eligible to use at the end of this post!


I wasn’t interested in saving the best for last, in this case I wanted to share the best first and everyone knows that’s SHOES! All three of these pairs of shoes would be amazing additions to any fall wardrobe.

  • The bow-tie flats on the left are the pair of shoes I bought last week the second they came out because I basically lost my breath when I saw them posted on Instagram πŸ˜€ hahah they are the shoes I’m wearing in the featured image/cover photo of this post! You can see that they are much more vibrant mustard yellow in person
  • The white studded ankle boots are a fun edgy statement piece and white shoes are going to be BIG this fall.
  • The booties on the right hand side are so beautiful. They have a very detailed embroidery on them and I love the v-cut detail on both sides. This pair is a little on the spendy side but I have no doubt it means you’re getting amazing quality and they are a pair of boots you could wear with virtually anything.

Tops and Jackets

Kittsona is always on trend and their new pieces always match what people would be looking for to stay on top of the newest fashion. These tops and jackets for fall are no exception!

  • On the left is a fun olive green suede jacket. It is a beautiful fall color and suede is always a fun option to add a dressier side to your outfit. I envision this as being a great piece to wear to the office or just like they have it styled in the picture – with a graphic tee for a more casual look.
  • Colorblock sweaters are going to be a huge trend for the fall. The Nordstrom sale had so many of them so I know they’re going to be out in full force. This option is black with more neutral colored stripes. Again it would be a good transitional piece to wear in both more casual and dressy settings depending on what bottoms and accessories you pair with it.
  • This black and white striped tunic dress shirt is another piece that made my jaw drop when I saw it posted on Kittsona’s Instagram page. This would be a great addition to my work wardrobe and I can already picture myself rocking it with some fun colored dress pants.
  • This “free as a bird” lightweight sweater is a sweet piece and comes in black as well as the tan color that is pictured. It would be great for layering under a denim jacket and I also like how they have it styled with a trendy front-button skirt.

Dresses and Jumpsuits

  • It really isn’t fall at all unless you have some corduroy in your wardrobe!! This really cute jumper with the front buttons encompasses a few different trends and would be perfect for a casual look – I especially envision it being worn with tights and either long or short-sleeve tops would look good layered underneath.
  • This burnt orange jumpsuit is the perfect color for fall. Whenever I see this rust/orange color I think fall so this would be a fun piece for a night out. I like the subtle pattern that isn’t overwhelming and the tie-waist is flattering

Graphic Tees

Kittsona has recently opened a brand within their brand called humankind which you can find in a separate tab on their website. One of the reasons I love Kittsona so much is they are an inspiring and enabling company and space for women. They are always looking to build women up and share the courage and love across their stores and social media channels. This humankind brand is all centered around those principles and I am excited to see what other products come out of this project!

  • This dog graphic tee couldn’t be any more true for me. There are nights where I sit there evaluating how I could possibly bring Luna with me. I think this is one of the pieces from this wishlist that I will be buying without a doubt πŸ˜€
  • I love this GRLPWR t-shirt so much. It’s a great way to wear your heart on your sleeve and who doesn’t want to broadcast their love for the amazing female gender!?!? As I mentioned, Kittsona has always valued women and their ability to do any and everything that they set their minds too so cheers to that!

Kitchenware and Home Decor

Kittsona also has a great selection of home decor and fun small gift items, kitchenware, drinkware, beauty products, etc in all of their storefronts. Since their stores are located in different places across the US they have different home and gift items in each of the stores because they like to have state pride and local items for those shopping in each specific store. Because of that their selection online is pretty minimal but there are a few great things that anyone can purchase even if you don’t have a storefront in your city!

  • This woman’s best friend mug is so dang cute and I definitely need to add it to my coffee mug collection and rotation in my office. I already have a few dog-themed mugs that I’ve gotten as gifts from my mom and they are all from Kittsona!
  • Woven wall hangings have become such a staple in home decor over the last few seasons. They are the perfect way to add texture and depth to a space and this piece would be a beautiful addition anywhere because of its neutral colorings.


That’s a wrap on my wish list for this season! I hope you enjoyed checking out these pieces and know that there will be lots more to come about Kittsona on the blog and Instagram from me in the coming months. This partnership is such an exciting one and I’m most happy about getting to share it with all of you. Speaking of that….as my followers you all are able to use my discount code for 10% of your purchase ANY and EVERY TIME you shop Kittsona online at!!!! Don’t forget to add the code at checkout or mention it when checking out in store!


If you have any questions about these items or anything at Kittsona please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment, send me a message, or reach out through Instagram or Facebook. I am more than happy to help! Thanks so much for reading,


xoxo Jen

duluth travel diary

Sharing my trips and travels with all of you is one of my favorite things to do! Living in the northern Midwest I am within driving distance of a lot of beautiful places with so many fun things to do. One place that I haven’t been since I was a young girl that is within driving distance of my hometown is Duluth, Minnesota. Luckily enough one of my closest girlfriends from college moved there after graduation and was sweet enough to invite our whole group of best gal pals out there this past weekend for the ultimate girls weekend! It took me a little less than 5 hours to drive there from Grand Forks so needless to say I had quite the amazing solo roadtrip concert last Friday evening πŸ˜€

Not all of our friends were able to join us this past weekend which was tough not to be all together but we are looking forward to a few weeks down the road when we ALL will get to see one another to celebrate one of our friends’ upcoming wedding! My friend who hosted us in Duluth has such a beautiful home that she and her husband purchased just a couple of months ago. It is 100 years old and has so much unique character. The yard and landscaping are beautiful and you are welcomed in the best possible way by a sweet front porch and my dream: a yellow door!!

Friday evening since we all were arriving at various times (and fairly late at night) we just spent time sitting in the living room in our pajamas and catching up; arguably the best thing to do! On Saturday morning we enjoyed breakfast together at home and then hopped in the car to check out a local woodworking shop that our friend said is one of her favorite stores in Duluth. It’s called Bailey Builds and friends πŸ™‚


It was SO beautiful – the owner is a husband and wife team who make unique natural and painted wood decor. They sell a variety of sizes from small to HUGE statement pieces. They also commission pieces and will do specific measurements and color schemes to match your home and space. I fully admit that I was very, very intrigued and definitely had a conversation with the owner and took a card so that I could be in touch with her….One half of the ownership duo, Anna. even went as far as to take us back into the studio portion of the storefront space to show us where the magic happens. It was so fun to talk to her and hear the story behind the process. Follow this link to check our their website and you can also follow Anna on Instagram for all of the details at @annabaileying


After our short shopping venture we journeyed up some of the hilly streets of Duluth to climb up Enger Tower and get the best view of the shore of Lake Superior and just an overall beautiful birds-eye view of the city and the harbor. The grounds of the tower were filled with beautiful flowers and there was even a wedding ceremony going on in the pavilion overlooking the harbor (that we may or may NOT have almost walked into/interrupted). The tower itself that we climbed up for the view reminded me of a rapunzel-like structure and I had to take a great photo of it for memory’s sake!


After the wedding ceremony concluded we took the steps up to the pavilion to get the view of the harbor and we were able to capture a great group picture (minus our friend Sarah who didn’t arrive until shortly after this photo!)Β  You can see a good view of the harbor behind us and it didn’t quite make the picture but there is a magnificent lift bridge where all of the large ships enter the harbor that is fun to see in action!


After our morning of shopping and climbing we had worked up a good appetite so we headed into the downtown area and took a nice walk down to the Canal park district. Inside of one of the market/shopping buildings is a to-go/fast service eatery that is very highly regarded. A few of my friends had been there before and had amazing things to say so we all agreed it was something we needed to have! Northern Waters Smokhaus lived up to every expectation I had and SO much more. We had to wait about 35 minutes for our food with how busy it was/how long the line was but once I tasted my food I would have waited any amount of hours to have it again!


The sandwich and bagel selection is incredible – fish, meat, veggie, and all types of options you can imagine. Their specialty is salmon so a few of the girls went with a cajun smoked salmon bagel sandwich. As I was scanning the menu I couldn’t stop going back to the salami, olive, and cheese box so it was an easy decision. The salami was homemade and the best I have ever had. Hands down. The cheese and olives were local and so flavorful and it came with fresh bread and better for the perfect meal. I also ordered a side of potato salad because I’m always up for a cold salad and that also gets a very clear two thumbs up!


After our late lunch we headed back to the house to spend some time relaxing, recharging, and getting ready for the evening. On our walk back to the car we took the boardwalk along the shore of the lake and sat in the rock beach and spent a good amount of time skipping rocks and enjoying the view. It’s such a beautiful place and with the vastness and size of Lake Superior you truly feel like you’re on the shores of an ocean since there is no end of the water in sight.


After a recharge session consisting of a long, enjoyable backyard conversation over a few cocktails we changed clothes and hitched a ride back down to Canal Park to experience it in the evening and enjoy a dinner at another fantastic restaurant! We ate our supper at Canal Park Brewing Company and similar to our lunch spot it was so difficult to pick because the whole menu sounded amazing. Each of us ordered something different to enjoy and I had fun listening to everyone’s reactions to their beers and meals. I went with a (VERY) spicy burger topped with a mango chutney-style sauce,Β  ghost pepper, pepperjack cheese, bacon, and ham. The burger was SO good but I almost couldn’t make it through with the heat from the ghost peppers. The fries and my beer were both great and might have been my saving grace when it came to getting through most of the burger!!


We also shared the nachos at the beginning of our meal as an appetizer and they were topped with pork and a great black bean, corn combination that made them unique and very tasty! After our meal we did some more walking on the boardwalk in the moonlight and walked right up to the lift bridge so we could see it up close.

Grandma’s Sports Garden is where we enjoyed an hour or two of some college flashbacks of getting our dancing in and having a great time singing along to some of our favorite songs from back in the middle and high school days. As I mentioned earlier this was my first time in Duluth since I was very young so it was my first experience of the night life and you can tell how fun it would be to have a full night out there, especially when school is in session and all of the UMD students are out and about.

Sunday morning consisted of one last front porch coffee chat as a group. These girlfriends are and will continue to always be one of my sweetest blessings in life. Nothing can replace the love that dear friends have for each other and we already are counting down the days to being together again! We also made LOTS of big plans for our annual girls weekends in the future and I will look forward to sharing them with all of you on the blog year after year.

As always, thank you so much for reading. Have a wonderful week and I’ll be back soon with more πŸ™‚


xoxo Jen


family weekend recap

Hi, everyone! Last weekend was spent down in the twin cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul with my family – including time further east in Stillwater, Minnesota and Hudson, Wisconsin. I wanted to share a short recap with some photos of things that we did as a family as well as some of the food we ate…of course πŸ˜€

My brother lives in the twin cities and my parents and I were making the trip down for the weekend to attend my cousin’s wedding in Stillwater. We took an extra day and headed down on Friday so that we could arrive in the cities by mid-afternoon in order to go to the Minnesota Twins game that night as a family! Since we could take our time on Friday on the drive down we made a pit stop in the town of Freeport, Minnesota to enjoy a late lunch at Charlie’s CafΓ©. My mom had stopped there before and it’s “small town famous” so she wanted my dad and I to experience it too! It was the cutest place decorated in all yellow & red on the outside and was a classic “sit down and eat” diner where the waitresses are moving so fast it’s hard to understand how they keep it all straight. I went with a classic cheeseburger and upgraded to waffle fries because that is NEVER a bad idea. It was a solid meal and I would be happy to stop back there again sometime on another trip to the cities.



I love baseball and Target field is a beautiful park to enjoy a game. I’ve been to a handful of games there so far since it was constructed and I’ve been to both day games and nights games. The park is situated with a beautiful view of the Minneapolis skyline as the sun goes down and the buildings light up. We sat on the third base line so that we could have a prime view. The weather was beautiful and the game ended up being a great one with lots of good hitting to enjoy. We always have to get a picture when the four of us are together and this one turned out pretty amazingly…might even be Christmas card potential!


Our hotel in downtown Minneapolis was near a handful of the theatres in the MSP including the State Theatre and the Orpheum. On a walk around the neighborhood in search of coffee prior to the game my mom and I stumbled across an amazing mural wall that stopped me in my tracks. All of you know how much I love color and this was stunning. I have seen a handful of full-wall murals in Minneapolis before but this was the first time I had seen this one so I couldn’t pass up getting a picture. The saying on the mural is a lyric from the Prince song “Baby I’m a Star” so it doesn’t surprise me that a local artist wanted to showcase (and memoralize) one of their beloved and one of the greatest ever. I’m unsure if the mural was there before Prince’s death or not but if it wasn’t this was a great tribute. It was a good cloudy overlay at the time so the lighting in the picture turned out great!


After our evening in downtown Minneapolis we headed further east to Hudson, Wisconsin where our hotel was (just across the St. Croix river from Stillwater, Minnesota where the wedding was!) We waited to have lunch on Saturday until we got to Hudson because we wanted to find a fun new place to try. We hopped on Yelp to find a good restaurant suggestion and decided to try out something unique – a Caribbean restaurant called San Pedro CafΓ©. We definitely weren’t disappointed as the selection was really unique and we got to enjoy some great food and even better margaritas. The margarita menu was extensive and so we ordered three different ones to try – a sunset, a mango, and a blood orange jalapeno. For my meal I chose a unique pizza – pulled pork, mango salsa, mozzarella, crushed red pepper, cilantro, and a spicy lemon aioli sauce. It hit all the marks for a combination of smoky, spicy, and sweet which I loved! This is definitely a place I would go back to next time I’m in Hudson!


We sat outside on their beautiful patio filled with tropical flowers…it was so well tied in with the ambience that it didn’t feel like you were in the Midwest at all. Our waitress talked about how the person who designed their florals really outdid themselves this year. Below is a photo of the walkway to the restaurant from the back alley, covered in beautiful sprawling greens. It reminded me a lot of time spent in places like Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands with such beautiful landscapes.Β 


As I mentioned earlier the whole reason for our trip was to attend a family wedding in Stillwater. My cousin Julie got married and the reception was held in a great restaurant in downtown Stillwater. I took a photo of my wedding look for the Instagram account for my blog – wearing my favorite summer dress! Yellow has been my latest obsession and I love a good floral print any time of the year, but especially in the summer. My lipstick is the matte cream lip color from NYX cosmetics that has been a big game-changer for me in the lipstick world.


We had a great weekend together as a family and it’s always fun to put together a recap for all of you in case you find yourselves in Minneapolis/St.Paul or Stillwater/Hudson anytime soon. Thanks so much for reading and have a great week!


xoxo Jen

target beauty box review

It comes as no surprise to all of you regular readers that I am a big fan of two things – Target and subscription boxes. So when I learned that Target was doing a subscription-type box you BETTER believe I was all over that πŸ™‚


Each month Target has at least one (if not multiple) beauty boxes that you can order. They announce the new boxes by email and it is usually around the 10th of the month. I has made sure to watch out for the emails each month because they tend to sell out really quickly!! Admittedly I have never looked on the website to see if they’re listed there but I have no doubt they are when they’re available. I have always followed the link straight from the emails announcing them to make my selection.

I just received this month’s box in the mail yesterday and I wanted to share the details with all of you. There were multiple box options this month and I chose to buy the one with a “Rejuvenation” theme because um, that sounds amazing, and 100% like something I need! Each of the box options is fully detailed and shows all of the products that you will get. Some of the products in the box are full size and some are sample size so it’s a nice mix of products to try and you have full transparency up front about what you’re going to get so there is no guess work.

I apologize that the lighting in that picture is so poor but that shows the full break down card of all of the products in the box. It also always comes with a coupon for your next beauty/skin care purchase at Target which is perfect if you end up going to buy more or a full-size version of one of the products if you love it! It’s almost as if Target planned it that way…..hmmm… πŸ™‚

My box from this selection includes a face sheet mask, a 3-day tooth whitening kit, a charcoal body scrub, coconut scented dry shampoo, a foaming mousse body wash, a leave in hair mask, and a facial scrub. I just started the 3-day whitening kit last night and I’m excited to see what the results are over the course of these few days. I am really excited to try out the rest of the products because they are all new to me and the sample sizes give me the perfect preview. That way if there is anything I completely love I can add it to my list for the next time I’m in the store!


I can’t leave without sharing the most important detail about this box which is something I could hardly believe the first time I ordered it….the entire box of products is only $7.99! Yes, you read that right. The price is incredible and encourages you to try without having a worry that you’ll not like any of the products and had spent a big chunk of cash. Also as I mentioned earlier you can see the complete contents of the box before ordering so you can do your research on the products up front so you aren’t surprised.

If you have any questions about the box please don’t hesitate to ask! This is a fun and essentially really low-risk way to try out new beauty products and a fun way to stay “on trend” when it comes to skincare, health, and beauty products πŸ™‚

As always you all rock; thank you so much for reading! Be back again soon!


xoxo Jen

daily harvest review

Hi all! I hope that you enjoyed a sweet weekend. I love Sunday evenings and I’m enjoying writing this post for all of you on my couch while watching the beautiful sunset out my front window.

If you follow me on Instagram you saw that I was up to a few painting projects this weekend so I’ll look forward to sharing some before and afters of those soon πŸ™‚ For tonight I wanted to give you a short review post on the Daily Harvest products I have been trying over the last few weeks!

I learned about Daily Harvest through one of my favorite wellness bloggers on Instagram. They are a company that produces fresh smoothies, overnight oats/oatmeal, and soups that are sent to you in the mail in a big box packed with dry ice to keep them food safe.

This company is on a subscription basis so you can choose a plan based on how frequently you want to receive the cups as well as how many cups you want per box. Similar to other subscription boxes you can skip any weeks that you don’t want to receive an order and can skip as many in a row as you want. I have had two orders come to me so far because I got 9 cups each time. I spaced them out and now I have a fresh box so I probably won’t need to order for awhile!

I have been using the smoothies as either a breakfast option or a quick snack/light supper on nights when I got to either softball or class in the evening. The overnight oatmeal is amazing and a great option to grab out of the fridge and bring to work with me in the morning. I haven’t tried any of the soups yet but down the road I plan to!

Below is a photo of 8 of the 9 cups I Just got in my most recent order. The writing on the cups is small and tough to see the flavors so here is what I ordered:

Smoothiesmango & greens, mango & papaya, cacao & avocado, cold brew & almond, chai & coconut, apples & greens

Overnight oatschocolate & banana


I have always had every intention of being a smoothie/juice queen but have never been able to make combinations work or create great levels of flavor through experimentation. This has been an awesome option for me. I’m hoping that the combinations of the shakes I’ve had so far can inspire me to work on making my own smoothies more often in the future and using this subscription infrequently when I want to stock up for fast options.

Daily Harvest uses only the simplest of ingredients and lists them in large bold type on the side of each cup. I love looking at what’s inside and seeing that the ingredient list is so simple and fresh without added sugars. I am planning to take on another Whole30 in August and I’m looking forward to ordering some possibly compliant smoothies from here for my month! The cup in the photo below has been my favorite so far. I love cold brew coffee and so this combination with added almond milk and blended up is DELICIOUS!

The last thing I want to share is how simple these are to make. Each of them comes in their own single serve cup and they all need to be stored in the freezer (so make sure you have enough room for your order!) When you’re ready to make a cup just take it out of the freezer and take off the cover and plastic over the top. Then you add a liquid of your choice and fill to the top of the cup – I use plain water for some flavors, sometimes I use coconut water, and many of the options are great with almond milk (or any other type of milk of your choosing!) Then you dump the full contents of the cup into your blender and blend it up. Then you can pour it right back in the cup because it fits perfectly πŸ™‚ Each cover has a straw hole in it so you can use a reusable straw and take the cup with you to go!

If you’re interested in checking our Daily Harvest you can head to their website here and see all of the plan options as well as all of their selections for smoothies, oatmeal, and soup. I haven’t come even close to trying all of the flavors so I’m looking forward to getting another order! Also, since I have ordered from Daily Harvest before all of you can use this link to get three cups free on your first order!!

I hope you all had a wonderful week. Excited to be back soon with more on my projects from this weekend. Thanks so much for reading!


xoxo Jen

fourth of july preview

Hi, all! I apologize that I’ve been on a short hiatus from a post. School has been crazy so this has gone on the back burner a little bit. I find myself looking more and more forward to graduating and having much more free time to dedicate to creating content and growing my blog.

As a short and sweet preview for one of THE best days of the year on Wednesday I thought I would share my 4th of July outfit as well as my family’s plans πŸ™‚ I always love seeing the fun pictures and events going on around this time of year from my friends and family. With it being a mid-week this year I know it changes lots of people’s plans but I hope many of you are enjoying some lake and family/friend time.

In my family, the Fourth of July is not only America’s birthday it is also my Grandpa Roger’s birthday. Every year we throw a heck of a party to celebrate another year of life for him and it has grown in to quite the celebration. My dad comes from a large family with many siblings so when we get all of us together: aunts, uncles, cousins, grandkids, great-grandkids, dogs…it is quite the group!

We all gather in my hometown and spend the day in my aunt and uncle’s backyard. Everyone MUST come dressed in their Independence Day best. If you don’t wear red, white, and blue I don’t think they would let you in!! We usually kick off the day with a parade down the block with all of the grandkids and dogs with Grandpa leading the charge. Then we head inside to enjoy the smorgasbord of food that everyone contributes. Bratwursts of all flavors from a local meat store are always the main course surrounded by salads, fruit, beans, potato dishes, and much more.


Once we’re all weighed down from our huge meal we head to the backyard where North Dakota’s largest (and most organized) bean bag tournament takes place. My aunt Susan is the commissioner of the tournament so she decides upon the criteria for pairing up people in teams and then creates the bracket for the day. We spend hours back in the sun with 2 different sets of boards in a double-elimination tournament. The stakes are high and sometimes we aren’t the friendliest to each other but it’s all in good fun and that’s what happens when your whole family has a competitive spirit πŸ™‚


The day is capped off with the announcement of the winning teams and everyone gets to make their selection from the prize table in order of their finish in the tournament. The best part of the day comes when Grandpa Roger takes a seat in his lawn chair with his Uncle Sam hat surrounded by his birthday gifts. We all sit back and enjoy watching him open them up as we indulge in homemade ice cream (always in three flavors: one blue, one red, one white – my favorite being the “blue”berry cheesecake) and a selection of cakes – carrot, chocolate….you name it, we probably have it!


As for this year’s outfit: I typically wear a fun sundress but I decided to go a more sporty/casual route this year. I headed to Target for some inspiration (not surprise there!) and found a couple of great items

  • The fun United States flag hat was from Target for $12.99. It will keep the sun out of my eyes while I’m playing and also helps to cover up any possibility of a bad hair day: a win-win situation!
  • This red and white striped short sleeve top is from the Xhilaration brend at Target and was $24.99 but all clothing was 20% off when I was there on Cartwheel so I saved some money that way. I love the fun long tie in the front – knotted and tied shirts are so trendy right now and this shirt will be great to wear all summer long!
  • My navy blue leggings are Calvin Klein activewear brand and are from TJMaxx. I love the criss-cross pattern at the bottom of the back of the legs. It adds fun interest and my bet is that I will get a really interesting tan line from them too (haha!)
  • My manicure and pedicure will both be bright white from Sinful colors – less than $3 at Target. I have become a big fan of white nail polish this summer so I’m expecting to keep the same style throughout the summer. Especially as I get more tan it stands out and looks great with sandals and darker skin.
  • My comfy woven brown sandals are from DSW but they were purchased a couple of summers ago! Really fun for summer and go with practically everything!

I hope that you all have a wonderful 4th of July. I can’t wait to see the fun photos and memories you create on your own adventures πŸ™‚ Be back with more soon and as always, thanks so much for reading!



xoxo Jen

living room refresh

Happy Sunday, everyone πŸ™‚ It feels nice to be back writing new content on a Sunday night again and I am excited to share this with all of you. I had such a great weekend full of outside time, great friends, great music, and all of the great summer spirit: I hope you all had a weekend filled with things that make you smile!

Now that I am coming up on the two year mark in my townhouse (Oh my GOSH) and the three year mark of owning a lot of my living room furniture and dΓ©cor I have been getting the urge to change things up a little bit. The beloved white couch is a non-negotiable and will be with me for as long as possible but everything else surrounding it I thought could use a little refreshing.

I am going to share photos from a few angles with all of the new updates and then any items that are still available in stores and are from stores who have an online presence I will link if you’re interested in scoring any of this yourself!


Couch – my beloved white leather couch was my first “grown up” purchase when I graduated from college and it’s from Furniture Row. Last I checked it’s no longer sold but I was able to find some similar ones on Amazon last time I searched when someone was asking me for a link!

Black and white Amsterdam print – this was an IKEA purchase many years ago (probably close to 10 years ago) and was in my room at my mom and dad’s house in high school. I took it with me to my first apartment out of college and I love the elegant simplicity that it brings to the living room

Rug and yellow accent pillow – both the rug and fun, funky velvet vintage looking pillow are new purchases from Target. Both are from their newest home collection – Opalhouse – which is boho-inspired and has tons of great pieces. The rug was really the starting block for all of the changes in this room as I fell in love with the idea of how mustard yellow accents would look in this room with my stormy blue accent wall.

Bronze lampThis lamp was a recent purchase at Target. I love the adjustable and old school feel to the base and the bronze finish is the look I was going for. I like that its metallic but warm and not shiny

Wall dΓ©cor behind the lamp – the white and wooden patterned picture and the gold metal “sparkle” word art are both fairly recent purchases at Hobby Lobby so they should still be around at your local store!

Curtains – my beautiful cream and metallic patterned curtains were purchased from JcPenney a couple of years ago.

Silver basket – I use the silver basket on the floor for blanket storage. It was an older pale yellow basket I bought at one of the local resale boutiques and I spray painted it silver to match with my more metallic interest


The chair corner was another fun place to add some small new details!

White leather chair – this chair was purchased before I moved in to my freshman year dorm at NDSU. I have a hard time recalling but I believe it was from Ashley Furniture…

Pillows and blanket – the pink faux fur throw is an older purchase from Gordmans. The shaggy style yellow pillow was purchased from TJMaxx just this weekend and the other beautiful neutral and metallic pillow is brand new from Gordmans!

Octagonal wooden table – this amazing side table was a Facebook market score from a family friend who was selling items in a house they are flipping. I LOVED the unique shape and the detailing on the doors. It brings good warmness into the room and matched the tone of the base of the white chair’s legs. It also has a good amount of storage behind the door which is extra helpful!

Table decor – My metallic basket is from the Hearth and Hand collection from Magnolia at Target. I use it for magazine storage! The wax warmer is from Gordmans and the sweet little white vase with light pink flowers is from TJMaxx. The beautiful white faux marble and wood coasters were another recent score from Hobby Lobby!

Bronze lamp – the minute I laid my eyes on this lamp at Target in the store I knew I needed to have it. It was one of the initial inspiration sparks to change up this space. I LOVE the vintage feel and the sleek shape of the glass shade.

Wall decor – the wooden star is something that remained on this wall (just in a new spot!) and it was purchased at Target a couple of years ago. I love that it lights up and also has a 4-hour timer setting. The two other pieces I bought this weekend at Gordmans. I fell in love with the large gold hanging. The geometric and intricate look is unique and its very lightweight to hang. I knew it would be stunning on the stormy blue colored wall. The small white and gold pictures was also found at Gordmans and the quote spoke to me “Fashion Changes. Style Endures.” It’s a good reminder that trends are always changing but having an aura of style is something that sticks with you!



I made some very minor changes to my TV stand and other wall of the living room, too!

TV Stand – this stand is actually an old headboard from a bed that I picked up at a garage sale three years ago after graduating for $5. I painted it myself and thought it would be the perfect piece for a TV stand!

Surrounding decor – the Home Sweet Home print is from one of my favorite North Dakota Etsy sellers. I always love visiting her booth at shows like Art on the Red and the Unglued craft show. Here is a link to her Etsy store – she has a TON of great stuff in fun vintage patterns. The large vase was purchased at Hobby Lobby a few years ago and I filled with some clear vase filler and then wrapped in twine myself. All of the faux floral stems are from Hobby Lobby!

As always, thank you SO much for taking the time to read my content. I loved putting a new twist on this existing room and hope you enjoyed seeing it! Looking forward to sharing more posts with you soon as I have some exciting DIY projects lined up! Have a wonderful week πŸ™‚


xoxo Jen